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Books & CDs

Life Works - The Book

Life Works - The Book

Order online here ($33)or via Booktopia. See reviews at the links in the following text: by Relationships Australia, Australian Psychological Society (p. 1and p. 2), Sydney Morning Herald and others. Life Works has been promoted by the media alongside other best selling authors. See more.

Life Works, published in Australia by Harper Collins in June 2002, is Dr Ferguson’s self-help manual designed for ordinary people with everyday problems. Her second book is about how to identify and undertake passionate goal quests. It is for everyone and will be published soon.

Amanda’s first book is for people who are learning the art of rediscovering themselves and transforming their relationships both at home and work.

The more we discover about ourselves, the more power we have to change our lives – to create the successes and relationships we have always wanted. Life Works takes the reader through a process of self-discovery and self-development that enables us to explore, regain and improve ourselves and our lives. Life Works focuses on many of the more common problems that we face in our lives, and provides techniques that enable us to make sustainable life changes. An unprecedented pace of change and level of stress marks contemporary life. This is forcing all of us to search more deeply for fulfillment and happiness in ourselves, our careers and our relationships. This book provides a process by which we can do this and move forward to more rewarding, satisfying and happy lives.

Life Works provides an experience of self-therapy or self-recovery, which includes many simple therapeutic techniques. Self-recovery is a process of healing and rebuilding parts of ourselves that have been neglected, rejected or abused in childhood. For some of us who have been overly controlled and steered away from our true sense of ourselves, this means simply recovering a sense of balance and understanding of ourselves. Others might have had overly critical or abusive parents or experiences, and may be recovering self-esteem, a sense of empowerment and position in relationships, society and life. For some people, self-recovery can be a long and difficult haul; for others it can be a fascinating journey of self-discovery. Either way, this is one of the most important journeys we undertake as humans.

Through Life Works you will learn about the most common types of personal problems and hear stories about the way people experience these difficulties. You will learn processes and strategies for resolving difficult experiences, feelings, problems and relationships. As you use these processes you will become increasingly familiar with them, until you are able to go on resolving your own difficulties, becoming confident of being able to process many of your own day-to-day issues successfully as they occur. You will find that your quality of life and relationships improve as you use Life Works.

Life That Works - The CD

Life That Works - The CD

Meditation and Relaxation
with Dr Amanda Ferguson
Featuring the music of Ken Davis

Designed to complement the Life Works book, this is a CD of meditations and guided healing processes. The CD has six individual meditations and runs for more than an hour. It includes an introductory explanation about meditation. Purchase on most platforms.

1. Simple Relaxation and Meditation (11.05)
Music: Calling You (from Crystal Clear)

2. Centred Breathing (5.01)
Music: Fantasy Dream (from Atmospheres)

3. Journey to the Sacred Self (21.06)
Music: Endless Emotions (from Crystal Clear)

4. Inner Child Recovery and Healing (11.52)
Music: Full of Love (from Atmospheres)

5. Releasing Past Negative Connections (11.27)
Music: After the Rain (from Atmospheres)

6. Soul Connection Meditation (5.24)
Music: Heaven and Earth (from Call of the Dolphin)

Meditation is a practice that induces a state of consciousness where the brain waves slow down and allow us to access the depths of our subconscious mind – where all of our knowledge, wisdom and ability is stored.

This brain wave state is called Alpha State. Research shows that if we access alpha state for 20 minutes a day – after three weeks we experience a complete change in the quality of our lives, physically, mentally and emotionally.

To book Dr. Amanda Ferguson for your upcoming event, read her recent media articles or find out more about her podcast or book
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