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Dr Ferguson has three professional registrations: general psychologist, organisational psychologist, and clinical hypnotherapist. She has been in private practice since 1994. She is particularly motivated to help people discover more about themselves, make sustainable changes, and improve their sense of satisfaction and meaning of life. She has a private practice in Mona Vale, Sydney, and also offers telehealth sessions.


Amanda treats most problems from depression, stress and anxiety (including obsessive compulsive disorder and phobias), coping with major illness to issues of self-esteem, food, alcohol, smoking and other habit disorders, relationship issues, grief, trauma, suicidal and other crises, and unresolved childhood issues. Amanda uses a range of therapeutic modalities depending on the issues, client preferences and what will be most effective. These are mostly interactive processes although she provides many processes that can be used between sessions. Modalities are all scientifically proven and include cognitive behavioural therapy (for correcting dysfunctional thought processes and re-training the mind to become functional while simultaneously solving problems), psychotherapy, inner child work, and existential therapy.

As an Organisational Psychologist, Amanda deals with all workplace and career issues. She uses tests and other processes to assess and help with personality, fit, transition and satisfaction in work, organisation and career.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, Amanda helps with a broad range of issues from addictions and pain management to infertility, performance anxiety, desensitisation to phobias, snoring and other stressors.

Couples and relationship issues

Amanda helps couples at all stages: in crisis, deciding whether to stay together, re-building and improving their relationship, pre-marriage and co-parenting. See this paper Amanda presented to the Australian Psychological Society’s Relationships Interest Group in 2008.

Ethics and registrations

Psychologists and Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists follow strict ethical guidelines to protect the public. These are developed and regulated by the Australian Health Practitioners Registration Association, the Australian Psychological Society and the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists, all of which Amanda is a member. To make an appointment to see Dr Amanda please call 0418 100 008.


Each session is 50 minutes long unless otherwise arranged. Sessions for couples may be longer. Amanda’s standard consultation fee is currently $240. The Australian Psychological Society recommends $300 for 45-50 minutes until 1 July 2024.


There are various ways of claiming these fees: through Medicare, health insurance and tax, as explained below.


You can claim on Medicare if you have a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP, which allows 10 sessions per calendar year with a psychologist. The rebate is $93.35 per session (current as of 1/1/24) and more with increased use of Medicare.


Most health insurance funds offer rebates depending on your level of coverage.


It is possible to claim on your income tax if sessions relate to your business or career.


Suite 1 Mona Vale Court, 16 Waratah Street , Mona Vale, NSW, Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

I am always happy to have a chat by phone with anyone trying to establish if I am right for them. After then, a first session is recommended to further explore if the fit is good between client and therapist.

I will ask you to complete a background information form (ideally by email before the session), with as much detail or not as you wish. We will delve into the issues of concern. I might ask you to complete a mood questionnaire to specify any mood problems you might be dealing with. I will provide feedback, some therapeutic solutions and options, and offer a potential treatment plan and prognosis. We will establish some guidelines for our future work together. You may ask any questions and get back to me later if you want time to think about whether you want to proceed.

I use a range of therapeutic modalities, that are all scientifically proven, depending on the issues, client preferences and what I think will be most effective. These are mostly interactive although I provide many processes that can be used between sessions. These include cognitive behavioural therapy (for re-training the mind to become functional while simultaneously solving problems), psychotherapy, inner child work, hypnotherapy, career and job satisfaction processes, couples work, existential therapy and many more processes.

You only need a referral if you want to claim a rebate ($89 minimum) under Medicare. This is a Mental Health Treatment Plan, provided by a GP if appropriate, which you need to bring with you to see me. This rebates 10 sessions per calendar year. If your private insurance covers psychology or hypnosis you might claim that way. If your concerns are work or career related you may claim on your tax as I am also an Organisational Psychologist.

I will make recommendations but it is up to you. These decisions are usually based on the severity of the problem, finances and time. For severe or long term problems it is best to start weekly or fortnightly. Recurring sessions are more effective than ad hoc bookings. The therapeutic process aims to eventually draw out the time between sessions until therapy is no longer needed.

Your information is completely confidential. Psychologists cannot disclose anything about their clients to anyone. The only exceptions occur if a life is in danger or if you write to ask me to provide information to someone.


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To book Dr. Amanda Ferguson for your upcoming event, read her recent media articles or find out more about her podcast or book
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